Initial Consultation

Another service rendered by my firm is the unbureaucratic and swift Initial consultation (so called Erstberatung) of clients involving matters of General civil or criminal law. If payment is secured, such initial consultation may also be given on the phone.

Under German law, the fees for this service are fixed by the attorney, using reasonable discretion, for each individual case taking into consideration all circumstances involved, in particular the amount of work done, the difficulty of the case, the impact of the matter for the client, the risk of liability as well as the ability of the client to pay. However, according to the law, this fee may not exceed Euro 190 plus VAT if applicable and would have to be set off with a legal fee accrued later on additional work done on this case at the request of the client. We would indicate the amount of the fee not later than at the end of the initial consultation and the fee can be paid in cash right thereafter against surrender of the invoice.