Corporate Law and Finance

The firm Dr. Jutta Stoll advises on all aspects of corporate law, partnership law and finance. The firm drafts contracts and statutes and establishes companies with different legal forms and provides assistance in transactions such as the purchase and sale of companies. The financing of corporations and transactions as well as the structuring of any inheritance/succession related matters are an integral part of its services. The firm also supports litigation related to company and partnership law as well as financial transaction.

The structuring and examination of loan agreements represents another focus of the legal services of the firm.


In the field of liability law the law firm Dr. Jutta Stoll offers the entire range of legal services including consulting with and representing auditing firms in liability cases.

A main focus of our liability advice and representation involves the forensic work-off of failed financial transactions such as acquisitions, corporate finance and other financing transactions as well as potential liabilities arising from allegations of inaccurate accounting or audit reports or prospectuses. This area of our practice focuses on the liability of lawyers, accountants and tax consultants.

For example, since 1990, Dr Jutta Stoll has successfully represented one of the very large accounting firms in their liability cases before the German Courts. The liability claims, mostly brought by companies whose acquisitions or other transactions had gone sour, were either dismissed by the courts or, in very rare cases, settled for a low percentage of the amounts claimed.  The cases required an understanding not only of the law of liability but also of the mechanics of complex financial transactions and the way accounting firms work.

Arbitration and Mediation

Settling a dispute without using the courts is often the best solution.

In arbitration proceedings the parties consent to take the lawsuit before a private court and to have it settled there and to accept the award rendered by the court of arbitration.

10 years ago the law firm Dr. Jutta Stoll started to successfully represent its clients in arbitration proceedings, especially in corporate and partnership law matters.

In a mediation proceeding, under strict neutrality and confidentiality, the participants are working towards a sustainable and legally binding conflict resolution which can and will be accepted by each of the parties involved. The parties may or may not be respresented by attorneys.

Since some time Dr. Jutta Stoll is also handling mediation proceedings, in particular in the field of company and partnership law, but also in other legal areas.